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Why American Snow & Ice Management (ASI)

As a leader in the Snow Management Industry, we are dedicated to offering a full service approach that goes beyond our customers’ expectations.

Being a successful snow and ice management company requires extra training.  Our team regularly implements training modules for our staff and workforce.  That’s something you’ll rarely find in the snow industry. It also means that we are always prepared and fully aware of the ever-changing weather conditions that exist. We constantly monitor the weather and conditions of the entire metropolitan area.

What Keeps Us Ranked As One Of The Top Snow & Ice Management Firms?

  • All of our trucks and loaders are radio dispatched, and GPS Monitored, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including Holidays.

  • We are fully insured including general liability and auto insurance as well as workers compensation.

  • We subscribe to multiple weather services giving us “up to the minute” forecasts on weather conditions in addition to monitoring a developing storm.

  • We have a team of snow removal experts along with employees who have many years of snow management experience.

  • All our employees are committed to service, quality and safety.

  • We have been managing snow and ice for over 20 years in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

  • Our equipment is “state of art”. We use snow pushers of various sizes on most sites that can clean areas quicker and more efficiently without the risk of damage and can stack the snow in areas where every parking space is premium.  In fact, we match equipment to property to increase the level of service for the customer.  In many cases, the property gets dedicated equipment all winter long.

  • Our salt supply is one of the largest in Missouri.  If St. Louis receives a winter with a lot of ice, your snow removal contractor is only as good as their salt supply.  We keep our salt depots full with enough salt to last multiple winters.  In 20 years, we have never run out!

There is a difference!  It is much more than simply pushing snow. That is why we are ranked as one of the nations top snow management contractors.