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At American Snow & Ice, we know that our customers rely on us at critical times and that is why we have established a zero snow and ice tolerance policy.

Our Zero Snow & Ice Tolerance

We monitor the weather 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When a storm hits we dispatch our crews to keep all aisles, walkways and open areas clear of snow by plowing and applying de-icing materials as long as the storm continues.

After the snowfall stops we continue working until all areas are clear of snow and ice and all locations are inspected for quality and safety. We continue monitoring the weather in case any melting, refreezing or drifting of snow occurs that may cause problems.

Since it is also possible for snowfall to occur in one section of a city and none in another, we dispatch regular crews to service the sections of the city with snowfall occurring while checking and making sure all other areas are free of snow and ice. Following these procedures, we ensure that your site is free of snow and ice and safely accessible to all of your customers, tenants, and employees. This technique has proven to be most reliable and safe for all our clients.